Your opinion: Do you agree with the honours system?

Vox pop
Vox pop

James Heneghan asked people in Buckingham whether the New Year’s and Queen’s Birthday honours mean anything.

David Chambers, from Buckingham, retired: “No, they’re given away for nothing. I think it is important to recognise the hard work of charity workers and others but some are ridiculous – they’re given to famous people for being famous.”

Nathan Simmons, from Tingewick: “Yes, to a degree they do mean something to people who deserve them and people who do things out of the goodness of their heart. There was talk of Andy Murray getting one but I think other people deserve them more.”

Reverend Ros Roberts, from Padbury: “Yes, I think people should get them. They’re nominated by others and it’s about recognising people’s hard work and people who have done things in the community.”

Annie Rogers, care worker from Ilfracombe: “I think people who work hard and people who do something for the community deserve them – the unrecognised heroes, but not necessarily famous people.”

Sophie Barlow, from Buckingham: “For me, it means nothing, but I do think it’s important to recognise the hard work of some and those who have achieved a massive amount, but it’s ridiculous to give them to someone for winning a tennis match.”