Your opinion: How will you celebrate new year this year?

Vox pop
Vox pop

Lewis Fowler asked people in Buckingham how they would be marking the end of 2013.

Lee Williams, 35, from Bedford said: “We have two children under the age of five and would love to go to a party but it’s not fair on the children the next day. So I think we are going to a friend’s house, who also has children and we will probably have a takeaway!”

Lindsey Batham, a 41-year-old full-time mum from Steeple Claydon said: “I don’t really celebrate New Year as it is my best friend’s birthday on the 30th so we go out that night and then recover on New Year’s Eve.”

James Rowell, a 59-year-old lecturer at the University of Buckingham, said: “For the past few years we’ve been with friends for a dinner party. So we have a few drinks and nice food before seeing the new year in.”

Alison McInnes, a 50-year-old dental hygienist from Buckingham said: “We like to spend it either by going away skiing or by being around our friends. This year we’ll be going to a party with them.”

Karen Baines, from Sweet Dreams, Buckingham said: “This year I’m going to a big party with my husband. We’ll have a meal and a few drinks, and I expect we’ll end up doing lots of dancing!”