Boycott Farm story gets people going

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More than 20 letters have been received in support of last week’s story on Boycott Farm shop. A selection can be found below. More letters have been published in this week’s Advertiser and Review, on sale now. More will also be published next week.

I am shocked and disappointed to hear that AVDC has asked Boycott Farm to remove their signs from the surrounding area. Boycott Farm is a family business and local employer providing a fantastic amenity and it’s hard enough for such a rural business to highlight its presence only made increasingly difficult if they are not permitted to show signs to their destination. If there is a specific reason I suggest this is addressed and alternative arrangements made, but Boycott need support from us all. Have you been there - the food is delicious and everyone there works extremely hard to provide the service?

Support local business!

Cherry Seekins, via email.

I have just been sent an email from Boycott Farm Shop. They are a thriving small local business, providing an excellent, if not outstanding, service to the local community. It seems that AVDC has suddenly demanded they should remove all signage from along the approach roads to the shop.

Given the shop is located down a small unobtrusive lane, this would negate the chances of them gaining any passing trade and will make it extremely difficult for newcomers to find them.

There seems no obvious reason for this request, drivers visibility wasn’t affected. Certainly the signs were smaller than those of the National Trust and, therefore, less likely to cause a distraction. It seems that some questions need to be asked, very possibly in rather a loud voice!

Karen Lockton, via email.

How petty and childish are Aylesbury Vale District Council to deprive any business of a marketing opportunity from passing trade. In these days of austerity businesses need every possible help from those in authority to encourage business. Perhaps the local MP could take this matter further.

June Kilshaw, via email.

I am disgusted that AVDC has instructed Boycott Farm to remove the signs which have been so useful to help newcomers to find the farm.

We ourselves only found the farm with help from the signs. I thought that local government was supposed to help businesses rather than hinder them.

Shame on you.

Ian Kilshaw, via email

I feel I must write to add my opinion about the sign removal for Boycott Farm.

Why? It makes no sense whatsoever and the restaurant is one of the nicest eating places around. If we weren’t local ,we would not know about it. What a shame another small business is suffering through nonsense bureaucracy.

Come on councillors, see sense and put the signs back up. We don’t all want to go to Tesco for a coffee and chat.

Lynda Faulkner, via email

Whatever has happened to the signs to Boycott Farm?

They have worked so hard and established a good business and now AVDC have forced them to remove signs. A friend whom I had recommended missed the turning to the farm, and had to ask a passing walker, who was luckily there.

How ridiculous is this.

PJ, from Winslow

I was completely bewildered and quite shocked to hear the news that Aylesbury Vale District Council has asked Boycott Farm to take down its signs from the approach roads.

I do not live locally, being a Milton Keynes resident, and I and my wife on our regular visits to Boycott Farm to enjoy meals and buy goods from the farm shop, really do need those signs – the roads around there can be quite confusing to visitors, especially for those of us who don’t use them on anything like a near daily basis.

What harm were the signs doing? I thought we were all supposed to be encouraging enterprise and supporting businesses, not least small businesses in rural areas.

I shall be sending a copy of this email to the planning department at AVDC. I simply can’t imagine what on earth the rationale behind this move can be. I shall be asking them to change their minds.

Having been invited to lunch by a friend from Winslow who suggested we go to Boycott Farm, we were driving along the road towards Stowe and I noticed the signs had gone. “Turn left!” I said. “Are you sure?” “Turn left again” “Are you sure?”

Lunch was delicious. But, without the signs, my friend would have been driving round in circles or we would have been lunching at Silverstone. And I’m sure many people are missing a treat by their inability to find Boycott Farm.

E Mitchell, via email

I have just heard about the order for Boycott Farm to remove their road signs. I have no affiliation to the business other than as a customer and occasional barterer of veg from our garden. I am really concerned the removal of these signs will deprive people of stumbling across this lovely little oasis of fine food and honest toil. It would be such a shame for the farm to lose business because of some faceless suit making sure the rules are adhered to. If you are not already aware of what they do perhaps head out there and take a look.

Name and address supplied.

Like many rural residents, I feel it is imperative that small, local businesses thrive and provide as much employment as possible. It is also healthy that farmers diversify, such as Boycott Farm Shop and Cafe, and I applaud their efforts.

I therefore think it is totally unfair for Aylesbury Vale District Council to ask that Boycott Farm Shop removes the signage for their rural business near Stowe. It is especially important this farm shop and cafe survives given the extreme competition from the revitalised Stowe Gardens, Shop and Coffee Shop nearby. The National Trust, as no doubt everyone has noticed, has vast signage for their property. Visitors need to be able to find Boycott Farm Shop and Cafe as well.

There are many local pubs and visitor attractions which have roadside signs and Boycott Farm should be allowed to retain theirs. Aylesbury Vale District Council needs to support local business, not hinder it.

Belinda Brackley, Dunsmore, Aylesbury