Bring a potty? What an inconvenience!

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From B A Denny, Burcote Road, Towcester

Some years ago it was decided to close the public toilets in Towcester, the ones that were down the lane by the bank leading to Moat Lane.

These toilets were handy as they were in the middle of the town.

That closure left us with one other set of public toilets in the car park near the supermarket.

It now comes to pass that, as from this month, South Northants Council in their wisdom have closed the remaining public toilets leaving the town without any toilets at all. This is an outrage.

What do they think they are doing leaving the town without any toilets at all. Are we in the 21st century?

What are people supposed to do? It appears that the decision to close said toilets was made back in March 2010 with the view of saving money in the budget.

It appears they closed these toilets knowing full well that businesses in the town did not support a community toilet scheme whereby businesses open their toilets to the public.

This was a shameful thing to do knowing there was no back-up.

The 1936 Public Health Act gave authorities a ‘power’ to provide public toilets but it fell far short when it failed to impose a ‘duty’ to provide said toilets.

Therefore public toilets in Britain, that were once the pride and joy of the country have, in some places, slowly gone into a steady decline over the years to the point where some towns, (not many), have no public toilets at all.

The council will no doubt have to find the money to clean the town up after weekend revellers with nowhere to relieve themselves do what they have to do in any shop doorway or other suitable place.

The town will smell like an open sewer.

If I am not mistaken this is another thing that we pay for in the council tax that we are going to lose.

Public toilets are especially important for elderly people, disabled and families with young children.

Come on South Northants Council, get in the real world and do your moral duty by providing us with some toilets.

The present situation is a disgrace.

If you come to Towcester shopping, bring your potty please.