Letter: Anti-social behaviour strikes again at park

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For the third successive Saturday, the section of the Heartland Park which used to be the site of the old sewage works, has been the subject of completely unacceptable anti-social behaviour.

The rubbish which has been scattered, comprises bottles, both broken and whole, cans and plastic bottles. All of this is within 30 yards of a rubbish bin!

The persons responsible know who they are and they continue to display a complete disregard and lack of respect for the rest of society. This level of rubbish is a risk to the health and well being, not only of the dogs which use the parkland but also of the children who play in the park, as well as being an unsightly scar on the landscape of the town.

This rubbish has been cleared up, each Saturday by caring members of the public. It has taken up to an hour on each occasion and the rubbish has been taken away for recycling.

Thames Valley Police have a stated policy to reduce anti-social behaviour, but their attendance to the first Friday’s ‘event’ resulted in the participants allegedly being ‘moved on’! This was not the case as there were two tents, with sleeping occupants, still in the park on the Saturday morning. The message both to and from the authorities has not got through as the same thing has occurred the two following Fridays, and still nothing is being done about it.

It is of little concern, to most, if some elements of the youth of the town wish to get drunk, plastered, hammered, smashed or off their heads with alcohol. What is of concern is the fact they leave behind such a deplorable mess.

It is not rocket science to put the rubbish in the bins, but it is mindless and totally unacceptable for bottles to be smashed deliberately and left in an area, used by animals and children. Some of these people probably have pets in their own family and would not normally consider smashing bottles in their own gardens, for their pets to walk on. So why do it in the park? Coincidentally, this is the same area of the park which was planted with several hundred trees and shrubs, last year. Only a few of which have survived being pulled out of the ground, as a result of vandalism.

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