Letter: ‘Decent public toilets are vital’

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I attended the annual town meeting on Wednesday, March 28.

I was very disappointed at the number of Buckingham residents attending. I was also disappointed that the representative from Bucks County Council didn’t attend. Representatives from the town council, the police, AVDC and the district council attended plus representatives from various committees.

I went because I had asked a question regarding the situation about the lack of public toilets in the town centre. I did not get a satisfactory answer to the question. A scheme was mentioned about building toilets behind the library but this didn’t seem very practical especially if they were only open in library hours. At this stage this scheme is just an idea. The meeting was also told the toilets in Moreton Road have had small improvements made.

The toilets in Moreton Road are impractical for the visitors to Cornwalls Meadow or Meadow Walk and do not create the best image for a small market town. To get to them from Meadow Walk you have to cross the busy A422 by the crossing and then take your chances crossing the A413.

In 2008/2009 and 2009/2010, I understand money was put aside to build the toilets, but it never happened and was used for other projects.

We heard at the meeting about how the town council are working hard to attract visitors to Buckingham and I agree that Buckingham is a great town to visit and to live in, but new toilets in the town centre are an essential element to its success.

Bryan Weston-Thomas, Ford Street, Buckingham