Letter: Is there a method to the Olympic torch relay madness?

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Now that the Olympic Torch Relay has started in Penzance (to be in Buckingham on July 9), perhaps I could take the opportunity to ask someone on the relevant Olympic organising committee to explain the rather curious, mixed up logic for selecting torch bearers in and around Buckingham?

As announced in the Advertiser some weeks ago, not one single Buckingham-based person was selected to carry the torch in Buckingham; whereas actual Buckingham residents, by virtue of some strange, perverse reasoning, were expressly chosen to carry the torch in other areas (a complete reversal of what you would expect).

It is also my understanding this curious practice was replicated everywhere else in the country - why?

Yes, I understand that one of the criteria was to choose people who had contributed in some way to their local community, but was it not possible to find one or two, at least, worthy of this honour, who actually live in the towns on the route?

Tony Webster, via email