No golf course could be a loss

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As two serving committee members of Stowe Golf Club, we write to underline the importance for the replacement of a nine hole golf course within the school’s estate.

The Advertiser and Review has published readers’ views, both for and against, but we do not believe the full implications for the local club members have been fully aired to-date.

Stowe Golf Club has a very long 38-year history with a loyal and widely represented membership. In a nutshell, the school created a nine-hole golf course in 1923 and in 1974 invited a golf club to be established as a local club, open to all, and managed by an elected members’ committee.

In 1986 the club’s members raised funds to build their own clubhouse. The course is satisfactorily shared between school and club, each with exclusive prescribed playing periods.

The club has a very full calendar of events playing over 40 matches with other clubs and has a similar amount of other internal trophy competitions. The membership includes juniors, ladies and gentlemen comprising around 300 current members. The club enjoys a very good reputation for its venue, hospitality and welcome to guests.

Stowe Golf Club has the most affordable golf membership in the county and is constantly open to new members. The terrain at Stowe makes it playable for all ages and golfing abilities.

These characteristics, the affordability and local accessibility will allow us to retain our membership of the proposed new course and continue to encourage a strong ladies and men’s senior section, especially popular with retirees.

Further, a consequential loss to the community would be realised, should the application be refused, as over the last 38 years, more than £100,000 in real terms has been donated to local charities entirely due to the generosity of the golfers playing at Stowe. The club committee has registered its full support for the school with the planning authority and is urging the councillors to give due appreciation for the beneficial health and social factors, that are extremely important to all our members, as they consider this application.

Keith Levett, Villiers Close, Buckingham and Ernie Jones Church Street, Buckingham