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I would like to sing the praises of the County Connect service.

When the buses were taken away, I was wary of the new service - would it be expensive, or hard to book? But it is a much better, more flexible service than we had before, and I believe the fares are the same, at least from where I live.

Being able to get to the swimming pool, or the supermarket, makes a big difference if you aren’t driving, as well as being able to get to the centre of towns like Towcester, Brackley, and Banbury.

And you can go to other villages as well. The Saturday service and extension of services until 7pm are very useful features.

The other advantage is that one can get another bus, for example, to Northampton and be able to book a bus back whenever you need it, rather than race to get back for the ‘set time bus’ that used to go back so early.

Booking is easy and can even be done the same day. I hope by writing this, more people will become aware of the advantages of using this service!

Jane Harries, via email