‘Thanks for Lions’ generosity’

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Please may I send my sincerest thank you to the Winslow Lions’ Club, who gave me a fantastic donation of £500 last year, after seeing the front page of the Advertiser on August 5, 2011, explaining that the future of the Buckingham Connexions Drop-in was under threat of closure.

At the time of print, all part time youth workers were being made redundant from Bucks CC, but we could apply for a nine hour targeted youth work position, which an able bodied worker could easily manage, but being disabled I knew it ruled me out.

Yet I had run the drop-in for more than two years and I loved my job and didn’t want to leave, so I was desperately trying to find a way to keep my position viable.

Thankfully, Connexions came to my aid and offered me sanctuary under their organisational umbrella, but due to their own cuts weren’t able to pay me. This is why I was seeking funding so I could get paid for these four hours per week.

The Winslow Lions’ donation came with an invitation to one of their meetings where I explained the good work we do and in turn they gave me pointers and suggestions for possible funding routes. They are an incredibly friendly group of gentlemen and a pleasure to meet them all, and up until that point I didn’t even know the Winslow Lions’ gave money out to groups like mine – it’s always the quiet ones!

So thank you again Winslow Lions’ for your kindness and generosity and thank you to Connexions for taking me under your wing – I just need to get busy now finding another bit of money as the Lions’ donation has run out – back to the grindstone...

Lisa O’Donoghue, Jarman Close, Buckingham