Cunningham Cup to continue in 2014

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The Cunningham Cup will continue for a third season in 2014, writes James Beckett.

Carrying the name of Neil Cunningham, the award rewards the Driver of the Year in the SuperSeries for Formula Ford 1600, and was won last year by Oliver White - a racer who drove to three victories in series.

Cunningham was forced to retire from motorsport after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2011, but the local racer remains close to the sport that rewarded him for over 25 years.

Speaking this week, Cunningham said: “I am really pleased to be associated with The Cunningham Cup. Formula Ford 1600 offers a great starting point to a drivers’ career, and provides the very best racing. I am also really pleased that my friend Graham Creswick and his Cubik company have been able to support The Cunningham Cup for the last two years. I really hope that Cubik will be able to continue their involvement in the SuperSeries for Formula Ford 1600 and The Cunningham Cup into 2014 and beyond.”