Brackley chairman releases critical statement

Francis Oliver showing off Brackley Town's latest ground improvements
Francis Oliver showing off Brackley Town's latest ground improvements

Brackley Town chairman, Francis Oliver, has criticised the use of social media in a statement on the club’s website.

Oliver, who took over from Sara Crannage in November, also outlines his future plans for the club and has called for supporters to get behind the team as they aim for pormotion to the Conference Premier.

The statement reads: “With a view to keeping everyone better informed, every now and again I propose to pen this column and post it on website. The club has sometimes been criticised for not getting information out as quickly as we could. These comments have been taken on board and hence my response on behalf of those running the club.

“I am afraid you will have to accept that we will not issue any news regarding new player signings until we have their signature and the forms accepted by the Conference. “Unfortunately with the advent of social media this information is often out there before we can make it official. We cannot control what other clubs, or even players, do however I would not expect our supporters to be having a dig at us, as has happened, if they find out that way.

“We will from now on try to get more first team information out there but we will not be publishing every name of who we put approaches in for as often it is the case that these come to nothing any how.

“Also, sometimes we do not want to release this information until the last minute so please bear with us and let’s see how it goes. However, if you have a concern or questions then please come and discuss matters rather than go to social media sites under a pseudonym.

“This now leads me on to another issue and that again is social media and people wishing to cause the club problems. Recently we have had cases of people contacting clubs, our manager, and also issuing statements etc on Twitter under pseudonyms. I for the life of me cannot understand why ‘supporters’ would wish to do this when we are having our most successful season ever. If anyone has any idea who is doing this we would welcome that information.

“Now I touched on this season which so far has been an unbelievable journey and I also hope everyone has savoured, as I have, every moment.

“We are now entering the business end and you will have seen that we are fully behind Jon and his team with the recent signing of Stefan Moore.

“However, this does not mean there is a bottomless pit of money and like any other business we have to balance the books so unfortunately some players have had to be released. We would like to place on record our thanks to those who have been part of the success so far.

“There may be more movements in and out and we will keep you up to date as and if they happen. Rest assured we will give everything to make sure we are at the very least in the play-offs and who knows with a fair wind and bit of luck we may end up as champions.”

On the club’s future, Oliver added: “With the cup run we obviously had a lot of money come our way. Figures have been bandied about and I am not going to go into details but it has enabled us to clear loans which were taken out to get us our Ground Grading and the all weather training pitch so we are in the enviable position as a club of having no debts.

“We are now in the process of obtaining various quotes to see what we can and cannot achieve as we progress to make the clubhouse and ground better for everyone. We are looking at terracing and new fencing at the cricket club end, upgrading and improving the speaker system in the ground, installation of sprinklers on the pitch, clubhouse improvements to all the toilets, dance floor, furnishings and carpets.

“We are also looking at revamping the old changing room block and top bar area to make this into match day hospitality and boardroom and to double up as a bar area and for functions when there is not a match. This all costs money and priorities will have to be made as the season unfolds because if we get promoted we will need to upgrade the ground facilities again. So watch this space for further developments as they unfold.”