Brady to stay at Brackley

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Brackley Town manager Jon Brady has said he will remain with the club following their play-off final defeat on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking after Saints’ 1-0 defeat to Halifax, Brady also confirmed that he intends to keep the majority of the squad for next season.

Commenting on whether or not he will be at Brackley next season, Brady said: “I should say so, yes.

“The process for next season does does start literally when you get back from holiday and start planning but we’ve already put things in place for next year so we do plan quite ahead.

“I think we’ll let the dust settle. We’ve got a good squad and I’d like to keep the majority of the squad and being the next best team in Northamptonshire I don’t think the players would want to go too much further.

“I told all of the players at the end of the season that I would all offer them something and go again with the same bunch of players but who knows in football, sometimes people take your players and you’ve got no hold over that.

“At the end of the day, I would like to add one or two because as you could see today Halifax had a lot more strength in depth in their squad. They had three or four sitting in the stands today and we don’t have that opportunity here. But I would like to add but we’ll see if my bosses allow me.”