Furious Robson slams players after “embarrassing” performance

Chris Robson
Chris Robson

Buckingham Town manager Chris Robson branded his side’s display in their 3-0 defeat to St Neots Youth & Saints as “an embarrassment and a disgrace”.

The Robins had chances to break the deadlock in a goalless first half but they were made to pay for poor finishing as the visitors struck three times in the second period to come away with a deserved victory.

Buckingham are down to 14th in UCL Division One.

Robson said: “After a performance like that it’s very hard to speak without my emotions getting the better of me. I feel, though, that even if I spoke when calm I would still say that the performance today was an embarrassment and a disgrace.

“After Tuesday’s defeat to Potton, and week’s of speaking about application and desire towards games, we thought we would get a reaction today, but instead we got a performance even worse.

“We are now at the stage where we are a third of the way into the season and the penny still hasn’t dropped, and I now have to realise that it never will with some players, and that is a great shame given their ability.

“We are in desperate need now to bring in some fresh blood to the squad, and I have to try my hardest to attract players to this club which will be quite difficult at this stage of the season.”

Having set his sights on a top six finish prior to the season, Robson has admitted that he needs to lower expectation, adding: “Sitting down after the game with the people who run the club and also a long discussion with my coaching staff, I think we need to realise that our expectations are maybe a bit too high for this season.

“Maybe getting the club to compete at the top end of the table overnight was a bit too much to ask, and now we have to realise that with the players we have with their mentality, if we can finish mid-table it would be a decent season.

“It is such a shame as with their ability we can do so much more, but at this level of football you need a lot more week in week out than just ability.

“It’s obvious to see we are also lacking in confidence, but that doesn’t mean you can stroll onto the park and give no effort. The quality was non-existent today and we struggled to even do the basics right.”

Buckingham host Peterborough Sports this weekend before playing Winslow United in the Buckingham Charity Cup next Wednesday.

Robson added: “We now have two very tough games coming up and we need to improve massively or we will find ourselves on the back of some heavy defeats.

“I will need to sit down with the coaches this week to see what we can do to try to turn it around, and if that means bringing in some fresh faces it will need to be done.”