Hyde surprised by lack of help

Buckingham Town ground, Ford Meadow, has now been boarded up by environmental health
Buckingham Town ground, Ford Meadow, has now been boarded up by environmental health

BUCKINGHAM Town chairman Vince Hyde has expressed his surprise at the lack of help his club have received from the local football community during their recent difficulties.

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Robins with the club struggling near the bottom of the UCL Division One table.

Buckingham are also without a permanent manager as well as a home ground while caretaker manager Daniel Kingston has found it tough just to get full team out.

Hyde said: “We have found the football community very unhelpful over the last couple of years, which I have personally found a great surprise.

“Buckingham Town have held charity cup games and North Bucks finals and Help The Hero’s matches for a nominal fee to cover the lights or for free, to then find that clubs not only don’t want to help you but go out of their way to make it harder for us.

“But we are still here and the true fans have stuck with us which we all at the club much appreciate.”

Buckingham Town’s woes on the pitch eased slightly last weekend with a 3-1 win against Wootton Blue Cross to move the Robins up to 17th in the table, but troubles persist off the field.

Hyde added: “We started the season with the whole of last year’s squad minus two players and we added more players to that, but for whatever reason players left and Dan was brought in as caretaker manager, because he can’t commit full time due to his family, and he feels he can’t bring players in to strengthen the side as he is not staying in the role.

“It’s a bit of a catch 22, we are currently speaking to various people in regard to the manager’s job and may also advertise.

“It is a great opportunity for someone to manage one of the oldest clubs in Buckinghamshire at a good level and playing the likes of Rushden and Diamonds in some fantastic stadiums.

“We are not looking for a manager who has necessarily managed at this level, we look at the person, what he has to offer as we did with Dan originally bringing him in from the North Bucks, we gave him a chance and he proved his worth.

“We are still working very hard to get back to Buckingham and still hold all our meetings and events because we see ourselves as Buckingham Town playing in Bletchley as it the closest G grade ground we could find.”