More frustration for Robson as Buckingham are humbled again

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Chris Robson once again questioned the attitude of his Buckingham Town players after they suffered another embarrassing defeat, 6-0 at Rothwell Corinthians.

It was the 14th time this season that the Robins have lost by more than three goals as they remain 17th in UCL Division One.

Robson said: “It’s hard to describe how I am feeling after that. A poor season is starting to turn into a nightmare.

“Today we were just not good enough, and that is being kind. We defended like a Sunday morning pub team, our midfield was non-existent, and I think we had one shot on target and that came in the 90th minute when one of our defenders shot from 40 yards.

“We don’t want it bad enough. We get bullied in games, no one wants to put a tackle in, and no one wants to take responsibility and no one is showing any pride.

“We lack leaders and have too many technically good players who think that is enough to win games when it isn’t.

“We prepare a game plan and spend time telling the players how to play, and they go out and do the total opposite.

“It has been the story of our season though – the commitment of our squad has been a joke. It is embarrassing that we have 60 plus players signed on but we have to scrape a side together every week.

“We have to pick ourselves up and try and go again this week in what is a must-win game against Burton Park, as I am not prepared to finish this season losing our last eight games, and I just hope the players feel the same way.”