Town to play ‘out of town’ for 2012/13

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BUCKINGHAM Town Football Club will have a new home for this forthcoming season after the club announced that they will be playing at Manor Fields for 2012/13.

Following the unfortunate demise of Bletchley Town, the Robins will be playing at their former home, at Fenny Stratford, Bletchley.

The club said: “We knew that our position at the Winslow Centre was only ever going to be short lived.

“With the FA now tightening up on facilities at step six we feel this move will give us the platform we need to compete at our current level while negotiations are ongoing regarding a return to Buckingham.

“When we heard that Manor Fields had been vacated we made enquiries and were quickly able to reach an agreement with the stadiums owners.”

Manor Fields has been inspected by the UCL and a list of work required has been submitted to the club, which they are currently wading through.

The new ground includes brand new floodlights and the move will allow the club to play midweek Charity Cup matches as well as floodlit league games once more.

The club added: “We have received fantastic support by the stadiums owners – the MK Irish Centre. They have undertaken the major job of bringing the main stand up to requirements, they have made us very welcome.

“The decision to move the club this far from Buckingham was one that was not taken lightly and we do understand that there will be concerns among our supporters.

“However, the only other alternative risked the club returning to junior status and we feel sure that no-one would have wanted that.

“We are happy that this is absolutely the right decision for the club.”

Any supporters who would like help with transport to home games should contact the club, who will be setting up a car sharing scheme.

Meanwhile, the new ground will be in action this Saturday when Town host New Bradwell St Peter in a friendly at 3pm.