Gene gives Ferrari F138 its final run

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At Fiorano, the famous Ferrari test circuit in Italy, Marc Gene gave the Ferrari F138 – the car used by the team during the 2013 FIA F1 World Championship – its final run before on-track work starts on the new 2014 Ferrari car.

The former Buckingham University student was tasked with driving laps of the Fiorano circuit in the F138, a car that was driven during 2013 by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, dressed as Father Christmas. The car pulled a sleigh filled with toys and presents.

Gene said: “Christmas is always a special time of the year at Ferrari and we enjoy doing something different every year. This year we thought it would be fun to give the F138 car a final outing in this way. Although the team did not win the world championship this year, the car was a winner and we are all looking forward to 2014.

“I was really pleased to be asked to drive the car for this final time. It was great fun to drive a Formula 1 car dressed as Father Christmas and everyone involved in this little project really enjoyed themselves.”