Bicester swim to success

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Bicester Blue Fins took overall first in the second round of Division One of the Milton Keynes and District Diddy League.

Bicester took a group of nine to 12-year-olds to Aylesbury to compete against four other clubs, which were Aylesbury District, Modernians of Bedford, Witney and Wantage Whitehorses.

The relay events began proceedings, with the U12 boys giving Blue Fins a fine start as Oliver Inness, William Whitley, Freddie Ashley-Sparks and Ben Inness took second in the 4x25m medley.

The first Bicester victory of the day came thanks to the U9s boys team of Chris Littleton, Sean Lock, Cameron Digman and Tom Whitley in the 4x25m freestyle, and that was quickly followed by a second place finish for Lottie Wynne-Jones, Maddy Powell, Ella Littlewood and Alexandra Pluckrose in the 4x25m medley.

Matty Thornley, Tom Whitley, Freddie Ashley-Sparks and Ryan McKenzie continued Bicester’s strong start with another first before Ashley-Sparks, Danny Pilgrim, Lucas Davis and Ethan Cavill won the U100 4x25m freestyle to help Bicester up to 30 points after the relay competitions.

Bicester’s first success in the individual races came from Chris Littleton in the U9 freestyle, and there were further victories for Cavil, William Whitley, Wynne-Jones, Ashley-Sparks. At the halfway stage, Bicester were in first place on 90 points, five ahead of Modernians.

The second half of the competition started brilliantly for Bicester with two superb performances from Lottie Wynne-Jones and Freddie Ashley-Sparks as both took victory. There were also notable performances from William Whitley, Maddy Powell, Tom Whitely, Lucas Davies and Oliver Inness as Bicester continued their domination to remain in first heading into the final set of events.

The U9 boys team of Chris Littleton, Cameron Digman, Thomas Whitley and Sean Lock claimed first in the 4x25m medley, which was matched by Lottie Wynne-Jones, Ella Littlewood, Maddy Powell and Alex Pluckrose.

The U10 boys secured another second, followed by a first for the U11s before the final event of the day saw Maddy Powell, Chris Littleton, Lottie Wynne-Jones, Freddie Ashley-Sparks, Tabitha Watkins, Lucas David, Melissa White and Oliver Inness take second in the 8x25m mixed freestyle relay.

That took Bicester’s final points tally to 174 points to secure first place, 16 points clear of Modernians.

Ben Walker named 10-year-old Alexandra Pluckrose as his swimmer of the night.