Buckingham bounce back

SQUASH: After a very difficult start in this year’s squash season, Spektacle Solutions’ Buckingham squash team has recaptured its form.

Finishing next to last after the first half of the season with only one victory, the second half of the season has been much more promising with already two clear wins against Wendover (18-6) and BSRC3.

Alistair Wright opened up against BSRC3 last Thursday with a very unlucky 3-2 defeat, but this was the only defeat for Buckingham.

Darren Trotter and Steve Leyland started to turn the match with two 3-1 wins. Team number two Roland Johnson recovered with some unbelievable and very unusual shots from a quick 8-0 deficit, to win the first game 10 - 9 and then the match also by 3 -1.

The remaining match of skipper Torben Kuseler was a very close and tough match with opportunities for both players to claim the victory. But at the end, Torben managed to win the fifth game 9-5 to make the final score 18-8 to the Buckingham team.

The next challenge for the team is the postponed match against Farnham Common due to be played this Thursday. The next home match will be played at the Swan Pool and Leisure Centre in March.