Chandos Park keep up their winning roll

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CHANDOS Park Bowls Club Men’s team lie third in the Buckinghamshire Bowls Association Cup Division One after beating Woburn Sands last Wednesday.

The usual format saw two teams at home and two teams away with the club picking up three winnings rinks and one draw to win 77-52 and take 13 of the 14 points on offer.

Bob Reynolds, David West and John McAndrew won their home match 23-14 while Kevin Dawson, Sam Wright and David Gibbard were also comfortable winners 21-10.

In the away matches, Simon Fox, John Finch and Paul Seymour won 18-13 but Neil Holman, Clive Graves and Don Savage could only manage a 15-15 although victory had been secured.

On Thursday, Chandos Park Ladies gave the club something else to cheer about with a 44-28 victory.

The success continued into Saturday with the mixed team thrashing Wendover 133-61 and winning all five rinks in the process before another victory was recorded on Sunday with the team travelling to North Crawley and winning 89-73.