Dazzlng Daza destroys Disney

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Bicester welterweight Daza Usher scored a spectacular win in Swindon as he switched on the power and forced the referee to stop Disney Huni in the second round.

Daza, now unbeaten in all six professional contests, caught Huni with a hard right hand which hurt and rocked the Smethwick man, then Daza immediately followed up with a hard cluster of shots which forced the intervention of the third man.

He said afterwards: “I think the move to Maidenhead has really helped me. They really concentrate on putting power into their shots in the gym and it’s great to add a new dimension to my game.”

Daza, who stepped up to six round level for the first time in the fight and runs the Bicester Boxing Club, hopes to fight in Oxford in 2014. To sponsor him, call 07722 871785.