Dominant Usher stays undefeated

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BICESTER boxer Daza Usher remains undefeated as a professional boxer after winning his fourth fight, against Damien Dinwiddy.

The local boxer took every round on the judges scorecard in a contest of four three-minute rounds.

Usher said afterwards: “The first round was a feeling out process with both of us finding our range with the jab.

“Once I’d let my lead hand do the initial damage, I started to bring the back hand power shot into play.

“The second round was similar to the first, I used my jab to set my opponent up, then worked to body and head with hooks and uppercuts.

“As the third round began you could start to see the effects on Dinwiddy, he was reddened around the face and bleeding from his nose.

“I started to put combinations together, landing a fast four-punch cluster just as the bell went to signal the end of the round.

“I came out for the fourth round with confidence, I had set a high work rate throughout the fight and it was showing on my opponent.

“I took it up a gear and had Dinwiddy on the back foot for most of the round. An uppercut, hook, backhand combination had my opponent rocking at the end of the round and Dinwiddy looked relieved to hear the final bell.

“The crowd were very noisy throughout the whole fight, but were left in no doubt who the victor would be as the final bell tolled.”

This was the first time that Usher had boxed a local opponent in a professional fight, adding: “I really appreciate the encouragement and support the crowd gave me.

“All the supporters were struggling to talk afterwards due to the shouting and screaming during the fight.

“I have never trained as hard as I did for this fight and I feel it really showed in the ring.”

The victory means Usher remains unbeaten with four victories from four and he is now looking to step up to six rounds in his next contest, which will be in Swindon on March 9.