Gene optimistic for future of F1 after Eccleston’s departure

Marc Gene
Marc Gene

Former Buckingham University student, Marc Gene, is ‘optimistic’ for the future of F1 following the news this week that Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as boss of the sport.

Gene, a member of the Ferrari team, and a television presenter at Grand Prix events for Sky Italia, said, “F1 is so popular around the world, and Bernie Ecclestone did an amazing job in developing the sport to the level that it is today.

“For 40 years Bernie has been at the head of F1, taking it from a small minority sport to an international powerhouse. He took F1 to places others did not believe it was possible, and the growth has been incredible.

“Liberty Media have now come in and taken over the sport and we are already promised a new look for F1. They are seeing the sport in a different light, and to make money on their investment they will promote the sport strongly. I think this could be a good thing for F1 moving forward. I shall be interested to see how the sport changes this year and into 2018.”

Gene made his Grand Prix debut for Minardi in 1999, racing for the Italian team for two seasons before joining Williams and becoming a team member at Ferrari towards the end of 2004. Gene has vast experience on-track in F1 cars, winning also the Le Mans 24-Hour Race as part of the Peugeot team. Gene attends every Grand Prix for Ferrari and Italian television.

Gene says, “Liberty Media have promised to look after F1 in Western Europe, and that is the sport’s true territory. Britain and Italy for example have great history in F1. Silverstone and Monza are both very famous tracks and I couldn’t imagine F1 not wishing to visit either track.” JB