Local horse producer wins national award

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A HORSE producer from Wicken has received a prestigious national award.

Helen Newbold was presented with the South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) and Retraining of Racehorses (ROR) Elite Performance Award for ‘showing’ with her husband, Jason Newbold’s former racehorse, Deep Reflection.

The awards provide a focus for former racehorses competing in the disciplines of eventing, dressage, show jumping, endurance and showing and have encouraged more riders to recognise the talents and versatility of the thoroughbred and their potential for success in another sphere.

Helen and Deep Reflection have had an immensely successful season showing, culminating in winning the Tattersalls Thoroughbred Show Horse Championship at Hickstead, which entitled them to receive the SEIB and ROR Elite Performance Award for Showing.

Deep Reflection had 38 runs during his racing career with a total of six wins.

He was trained by Martin Keighley and Ben Case and won a total of £25,000 in prize money before coming out of training in January 2011.

Helen and Deep Reflection have had a brilliant season, in addition to winning the Tattersalls Thoroughbred Show Horse Championship at Hickstead, they also took runner up spot in the SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse class at the Horse of the Year Show.

Helen said: “He is a superstar – we knew his temperament was good, but he had gone above and beyond any of our expectations.

“Deep Reflection is on holiday at the moment as I am having a baby in March and he will come back into work after than.”

Helen has also enjoyed a huge amount of success on the county circuit in side saddle classes with other horses.

Having won at Hickstead this year, Deep Reflection will not be eligible to compete there in 2013 so Helen is hoping to qualify him again for the Horse of the Year Show and go one better.

Equine Insurance brokers, South Essex Insurance Brokers, instigated the former racehorse to Riding Horse Performance Awards in order to support the retraining of the thousands of racehorses who come out of training each year.

Nicolina Mackenzie, marketing manager of SEIB, said: “The Performance Awards also provide a platform to show how a correctly re-schooled former racehorse can be successful in a new career and continue to have a bright future, competing successfully in many different disciplines.

“This year’s competition has proved yet again the versatility and resilience of the thoroughbred.”

To find out more, visit www.racehorse2ridinghorse.co.uk or www.ror.org.uk.