Slade bowlers have mixed fortunes

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BOWLS: The last few weeks have seen Buckingham-based Slade pull off a number of wins, their two defeats coming against Oxford and Stony Stratford.

Slade accounted for Bradwell 141-54 at home last Sunday.

The scores were:

Rink 1: L.Lester, J.Thompson, M.Tumbridge, D.Gibbard 49 Bradwell 6.

Rink 2: H.Taylor,C.Tumbridge, D.Edwards, A.Hall 23 Bradwell 14.

Rink 3: J.Chivers, M.Edwards, B.Coppins, N.Coppins 42 Bradwell 6.

Rink 4: S.Edwards, P.Todd, J.Jeacock, C.Larence 27 Bradwell 28.

In the national men’s pairs area semi-final, Clive Graves and Don Savage won 21-9 at Banbury against Hollow and Sykes. They will next play Jones and McGuiness in the area final.

Slade Ladies lost narrowly 67-62 last Friday at home to Stony Stratford Ladies.

The scores were:

Rink 1: V.Scott, P.Costello, L.East 19 Stony 13.

Rink 2: E.Moore, J.Berry, M.Berry 17 Stony 17.

Rink 3: S.Duncan, D.Scott, D.Parrott 10 Stony 25.

Rink 4: K.Smith, J.Thompson, B.Coppins 16 Stony 12.

Slade Ladies were also beaten 76-65 at home by Oxford & County Ladies.

The rink four quartet of B.Clinton, K.Smith, V.Scott and J.Thompson did best of the Slade team, winning 26-18.

Slade bowlers enjoyed wins over Dunstable (85-66) and Wolverton Town (135-47).

Against Wolverton the scores were:

Rink 1:J.Howlett,J.Lawrence, J.Thurling,C.Lawrence 33 Wolverton 15.

Rink 2: S.Edwards, T.Gough,L.Tattersall, D.Gibbard 40 Wolverton 10.

Rink 3: H.Taylor, M.Edwards, J.Honey, N.Coppins 31 Wolverton 11.

Rink 4: L.Lester, P.Todd, J.Thompson, D.Edwards 31 Wolverton 11.