Slade quartet triumph in Area Finals

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It was a triumphant week for four bowlers from Slade Bowls Club as Clive Graves, Bob Reynolds, Andy Hunt and Tony Walton beat Newbury by just one shot in the Area Finals of the National Indoor Bowls Over Sixties Fours.

The team now go on to play against another 32 teams, with their next game away at Malvern Hills this Saturday.

On Saturday, Slade won a home friendly 89-52 over Wolverton Park. Scores: Rink 1: Pat Chivers, Steve Cornell, Andy Hunt 28 Wolverton 12; Rink 2: Angela Reeve, John Chivers, Mike Edwards 12 Wolverton 15; Rink 3: Sue Edwards, Keith Hofman, Allan Hall 30 Wolverton 13; Rink 4: Les Lester, Norman Line, Jean Thompson 19 Wolverton 12.

Sunday saw Chandos Park Bowls Club take on Hazells in their first game of the season as Park try to defend the Slade Sunday Morning Knock Out Cup that they won last year.

Tthe competition has been altered to a round-robin format this year and Chandos made a winning start, beating Hazells 104-44. Scores: Rink 1: Neil Holman, John Finch, Paul Seymour 24 Hazells 6; Rink 2: Clive Graves, Bob Reynolds, John McAndrew 27 Hazells 10; Rink 3: David West, Andy Hunt, Tony Walton 26 Hazells 18; Rink 4: Maurice Cracknell, Mike Edwards, Don Savage 27 Hazells 10.

Chandos Park’s next game will be on February 1 against rivals Buckingham West End.