Three Cups A top of Division One

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THREE Cups A have opened up an early four-point lead at the top of the Buckingham and Winslow Darts League Division One after winning 6-3 against Peacock of Towcester.

Brackley FC are in second place having also won their game as they narrowly beat Two Brewers B 5-4 while Swan A are third despite losing 5-4 at Whale A, who are fifth.

Lastly the Three Cups B have moved up a place into sixth after winning away at Blackbird.

The highest checkout for Division One so far is by Steve Bawn of Brackley FC on 131.

In Division Two, Prince of Wales are the early leaders following a 6-3 victory against Crown Gawcott.

Up to second are the Mitre after beating Buckingham Cricket Club 6-3 while three teams are on 11 points.

Kings Head beat Two Brewers A 5-4 and Swan B defeated Great Horwood Cricket Club 5-4. The highest checkout for Division Two so far is by Mick Mucklesdon of Prince of Wales on 120.

Three Cups D are top of Division Three having won both their opening games, beating Whale B 5-4.

Three Cups C are up to third after winning away at British Legion Club.