Usher wants title fight on home turf

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BICESTER boxer Daza Usher is targeting a British Masters title fight in his home county of Oxfordshire within the next year, writes James Heneghan.

The welterweight boxer, who runs his own gym in Little Chesterton, turned professional last year and has since won all three of his fights.

His best and most recent victory came at the start of June when he beat the experienced Billy Smith.

The 28-year-old said: “I feel really good at the moment, I just can’t wait to get in there and box again.

“It was what I expected before I turned pro because they prepare you properly in the gym beforehand and I was ready for when I went into the ring.”

Daza, who got into Taekowndo through his parents before moving onto boxing, is determined to bring professional boxing back to Oxford.

He added: “I want to box for a title and win a title, ideally in Oxford.

“If I can do it here then that’ll be perfect because the other side of professional boxing is building up a following and selling tickets so if you can box for a title in your home town then that’s my ultimate goal.

“Hopefully within the next year, maybe at the start of 2013, I can get professional boxing back to Oxford.

“If I can get two or three more fights under my belt before then, hopefully the Oxfordshire fight will be for a British Masters title and a ten round slog.”

Daza also owns a full-time in gym and has a number of men and women training on a daily basis, and he is keen to attract more people through the door.

“In the gym in Bicester I have all sorts of people coming through the door.

“I train one woman who’s 60-years-old and suffers from diabetes and has actually been training me for the last six years so she’s fit, fitter than most the young lads that are in here!

“That’s one example. We also have young lads come in that are a bit wayward and are in trouble with police and it really helps them for discipline more than anything.

“We have tradesmen that come in to keep fit because, in my eyes, there’s nothing better than boxing training.

“The more the better. We have a couple of coaches up here and a big gym as well as all the facilities so the more people that we can get the better.”

Having already proven himself to be a tough boxer, Daza is seeking sponsorship to help him achieve his dream.

He added: ““For me, I run my boxing gym so it would help if I could get anyone to sponsor me and help me financially as well as help me with advertising and marketing.

“I’d be able to box in financial competitions abroad and also have that equipment so any sponsorship would be excellent.”

If you’re interested in joining Daza’s classes and want more information, visit his website at