West End record league win

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BUCKINGHAM West End Bowls club have recorded another win in the Bletchley & District League.

The club defeated Bletchley Town by seven points to two after winning three of the five rinks.

Individual scores were:

Rink 1: R Bryant, D Hill, E Evans 16 Bletchley Town 17

Rink 2: H Taylor, J Cunningham, J Burgess 14 Bletchley Town 17

Rink 3: W Edwards, D Vince, R East 20 Bletchley Town 14

Rink 4: T Medland, J McLuckie, R Head 23 Bletchley Town 13

Rink 5: M Farmery, A Smith, B Phillips 23 Bletchley Town 13

The Ladies also played as they continued their Trundell Trophy campaign with a two-shot win over Bletchley St Martins.

Individual scores were:

Home: C Tumbridge, S Phillips, B Coppins, M McLuckie 20 Bletchley St Martins 24

Away: L Burgess, L East, P Costello, J Evans 21 Bletchley St Martins 15

On Saturday, the club entertained rinks from six clubs to play in the President’s Day with scores as follows:

Rink 1: M Farmery, M Head, P Costello, R Head 33 Bucks VP’s 9

Rink 2: J Cooper, S Phillips, R Bryant, M Briars 10 St Martins 32

Rink 3: P Miller, C Boddy, J Cunningham, M Tumbridge 16 Brackley 23

Rink 4: M Booth, C Tumbridge, A Smith, N Coppins 18 Adderbury 17

Rink 5: T Anderson, M Baker, L East, B Coppins 15 Winslow 18

Rink 6: A Farmery, P Boddy, M Jones, D Hill 23 Newport 12

Finally, on Sunday, West End travelled to Wolverton Town to play a fine match that saw West End win by 69 shots to 68.