Santa gets sack as leagues ensure footy goes ahead

FOOTBALL: Leisure Leagues – Europe’s largest provider of five and six-a-side football – have given Santa the sack this Christmas.

The firm, which runs popular leagues in Bicester, has decided to forego the usual turkey, trees and presents in favour of tackles, points and goals.

Media manager Andy Thorley explained the reason for the new stance: “When you boil it down, Christmas is about football.

“In previous years we have as a company tried to get into the festive spirit, but this time we have decided that all people expect from us is a quality football league and that’s what we will give them.

“It doesn’t matter whether its Christmas, summer or spring, we will do our best to provide just that.”

Mr Thorley also said that, as far as possible, Leisure Leagues would try and ensure the leagues were unaffected by the festive period.

He added: “We have worked hard with Ploughley Sports Centre, where the leagues are held, to get all the games on so that people don’t have to sit around the house being bored when they actually want to play football.”

The winners and runners-up of the league will be invited to the national six-a- side Football Championships– which are being held in June 2011 in Birmingham.

Profits from the competition are donated to charity.

Anyone who wants to join the league can ring 0845 230 2340 or visit

>>Leisure Leagues run a number of local football leagues including a Sunday six-a-side league.