Andrew Dunn ready to go The Full Monty

Andrew Dunn in The Full Monty
Andrew Dunn in The Full Monty

Comedy star Andrew Dunn is to appear in the heart warming story The Full Monty, which is coming to the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.

The former dinnerladies star appears in the story about six out of work men who take to stripping as a new form of employment.

Andrew said: “All of the characters in the show have got issues and obstacles to overcome. But they end up doing something brilliant.

“I was told that I was doing the play by my wife. Although was very happy to be involved in it.

“My character, Gerald, is unable to tell his wife in the show that he is out of job. He comes from a time when men were very proud of their job and it very much defined him and men of that time. That’s how I am playing him.”

He did have some doubts about appearing in the show.

Andrew added: “There was a thought of do I, at my age, want to be taking my clothes off in a very public arena, but it is actually a very small element of the show and the journey these characters go on was a good one.

“I think it is a show definitely for blokes because it is about the type of problems that they all face. I think it is much more of a blokey play

than it is for women.

“The reaction that we get from the audiences has been great. Especially right at the end - to see the audience on their feet has been absolutely


Andrew is probably still best known for his role as catering manager Tony in the Victoria Wood sitcom.

He said: “It was a great experience for me working on dinnerladies. Victoria has written the parts with most of the people in mine so I was one of the few that had to audition for the part and very glad that I got it.

“We did it nearly 15 years ago but because it is constantly repeated, I get young kids come up to me and say Tony from dinnerladies which is remarkable.

However while he might have fond memories of working on the show, the production sounded a little frantic.

Andrew added: “There was just a few re-writes on the show to contend with. We recorded one episode a week. We had a script on the Monday and Victoria decided she wasn’t completely happy with it. So we would go off and have a long lunch break and she would re-write the entire thing while rehearsing and then overnight. We would have more or less a different script for the Tuesday rehearsal.

“She would then review the footage recording the show on a Friday and do some further re-writes for the Saturday recording.

“It certainly kept you on your toes as an actor.”

The Full Monty can be seen from November 23 to 28. Call 0844 871 7607 or visit,uk/aylesbury.