Packed season for Brackley Morris Men

Brackley Morris Men dancing May dance in town centre
Brackley Morris Men dancing May dance in town centre

The Morris dancing season is about to get into full swing as the Brackley side prepares for the annual day break performance in the town centre on Wednesday, May 1.

Every year the Red Lion off Brackley Piazza gains permission to open early to serve revellers enjoying the May day tradition.

Morris man Stephen Ferneyhough said: “It’s amazing how many people turn out at sunrise to watch the dancing, as well as a beer and breakfast.

“But it’s a wonderful tradition, and if the weather is good the first light of the day provides a magical backdrop to something which, apart from short periods, has happened for centuries.”

Brackley Morris Men also has a packed diary for the rest of the season with the highlights including appearances at the Lamb Ale Morris Festival in Kirtlington on Sunday, June 2, the Brackley Community Carnival on Saturday, June 8, and Folk In The Park in Brackley on Sunday, June 30.

Mr Ferneyhough added: “Our website diary is now up to date – – and I don’t think we’re going to pack much more into it.

“We’ve got something on nearly every weekend in May and June.”

Mr Ferneyhough said their publicity to attract new men to the side had not been entirely successful, but greater awareness was leading to more bookings.

He added: “There’s a lot of interest in seeing the dancing, but getting men to come and help is what we are missing.”