Thousands of visitors flock to most successful show yet

Blakesley Show.Laura Barrett,9,with her Holstein calf Roberta.'110806M-A006
Blakesley Show.Laura Barrett,9,with her Holstein calf Roberta.'110806M-A006
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FARMERS took full advantage of a brief gap in their harvest cycle to enjoy the 127th Blakesley and District Agricultural Show last weekend.

Organising committee chairman David Higgott said it was their most successful show to date attended by about 8,000 people. Around 50 farms were represented at the show which included around 160 head of cattle and 260 sheep.

Most of the farmers came from a 30 miles radius but some had travelled from further afield, including one from Ipswich.

Mr Higgott said part of the show’s attraction was its central location, but also that it is thought to be the last agricultural show in Northants.

He said: “There’s also a lot for the general public to see, especially in terms of getting close to livestock. But the committee tries very hard to maintain the agricultural side of things.

“It is a long tradition and they are trying to keep it.”

Mr Higgott said there were many sides to the show, including a chance for agricultural traders to get close to their customers, and to make farming exciting for a next generation of young farmers.

But with £150 prizes up for grabs in some of the livestock competitions Mr Higgott said the show is also a chance for farmers to share a bit of friendly rivalry.

He added: “There is good kudos in having a champion but it is also about doing the work, then having a beer, a chat and a bit of leg pulling afterwards.”

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