‘Why can’t we keep dancing at centre’

Juliet Ratnage,dance teacher at Maids Moreton School.'111005M-E737
Juliet Ratnage,dance teacher at Maids Moreton School.'111005M-E737

A SCHOOLGIRL has spoken out against the decision by Bucks County Council (BCC) to close the Well Street Centre.

Sydonie Brewis, aged 14, from Banbury attends the Milton Keynes-based Juliet Ratnage School of Performing Arts, which used to use the Well Street Centre for its classes in Buckingham.

Sydonie said: “I have danced at the Well Street Centre for about 11 years and the building has become part of my life. The fact that it is being closed down upset me greatly. But the fact that the county council has not confirmed its plans for the site has made me incredibly annoyed.”

She asked why the dance school could not have been allowed to carry on using the centre until a decision had been made about the building’s future.

Principal Juliet Ratnage said it had been very difficult to find alternative accommodation for her dancers in Buckingham.

She said: “I’m down in Buckingham four nights a week, and it’s been a tough job to find somewhere that could provide all the hours I needed. My problem was to find anywhere we could have for five to six hours continuous.

“It’s been a big upheaval.”

Dance classes have now relocated to Maids Moreton School.

Miss Ratnage said: “Thank the Lord for Maids Moreton School and the governors there, who came to my rescue. They’ve really gone out for me. I can’t praise them enough.”

BCC cabinet member Patricia Birchley said: “We hope that we will very shortly be in a position to announce a decision over the future of the Well Street Centre.

“We understood that the organisations previously using the centre have all found alternative premises. When they were given notice in the summer we supported the organisations with information on possible locations and venues so that they could make alternative arrangements in time for their activities to recommence in September.”