Are you ready for some fun in the sun?

Cherry Lee Mewis
Cherry Lee Mewis

IT’S always good to get something for nowt, of course, but three whole days of quality live music that won’t set you back a penny in admission?

That is the treat that will cause music lovers all over the new city to descend on Campbell Park this weekend.

The Summer Fayre Festival is back for year two, boasting an outstanding amount of new city talent.

Things go live from 6pm tomorrow, with BBC3 Counties on hand to showcase the sounds.

For years we battled in the hope that the station would support fresh talent, and it is good to see them putting in the work.

Of course those on the stage could benefit from your support, so leave work early and head to the green side to catch the noise.

The station will broadcast live from 7pm.

Have a good night out, but don’t go overboard – you need to be back on site on Saturday from miidday to catch the full 10 and a half hour stint of finery from artists including Our Man In The Bronze Age, The Silver Brazilians and Pearl Handled Revolver.

And if you want some calm amidst the musical storm, pick yourselves up, dust yourselves down and take a stroll across to the Daisy Fields stage for plenty of unplugged, acoustic and comedy stuff.

There is much, much more of the same waiting for you on Sunday too, with another day long session topped off by the blues n boogie fusion of Cherry Lee Mewis, but also featuring artists like the delightfully named Vomit Whores, Late Night Library Club and the Ben Poole Blues Band.

Great news for new city dance heads looking for a decent vibe; with the anouncement the Ultra Vegas brand will take over the Daisy Fields stage. Names firing out the tunes will include Jason Jay, Strictlymusic, Rhythm2 and Mr Stixx.

We expect the Vegas faithful to be putting normal Sunday activities on hold in preference of a great session of sounds at the Chill in the Park session.

Throw in festival catering, a bar and market area and you’ve got all you need* for three days of escaping the mundane, at the biggest bash ever staged in the park.

Summer Fayre Festival then, it’s what days in the sun were made for!

Cast your eyes below, or snip out the guide and stick it in your pocket for the full list of who is playing, when, and start plotting your weekend.

* Save for the picnic blanket.

If you want to park yourselves down on something softer than the grass, remember the sheet...and a brolly wouldn’t hurt!

We should also note that no glass or alcohol is to be brought on site, so save your money and leave the booze at home...