Arrows of Love live at The SNO!bar

Arrows of Love: An exciting prospect
Arrows of Love: An exciting prospect

The Knife, the new single from London-based ‘dark folk connoisseurs’ Arrows of Love is a delicious slice of warped.

Or, as the press release informs ‘...a delicate, folk-inflected, blood splattered murder ballad that reveals a band with a tar-black heart.’

It’s ugliness is astoundingly beautiful, and if you reckon we’re talking nonsense, listen first.

“’s a picture of bitterness after an unhealthy relationship,” says singer-guitarist Nima Teranchi.

“It’s the feeling of powerlessness and twisted obsession that leads to a kind of vengefulness, and a story where both main characters are feeling out in the cold while the other one seems fine.

“That dark ability to open wounds is the only thing they have.”

It is without doubt one of the best tracks to tickle our ears in ages, and as Arrows of Love are live in MK on Friday night, You can all go get acquainted when they go live at the SNO!zone, in Xscape for INDIEscreet Promotions.

Tickets are £5 on the doors from 7.45pm, with support from The Wondersmiths and Slip of the Tongue.

And that single that we are wrapped up in?

It’ll also feature on their debut album, out this summer.