Children help show the world how to get along

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EVERYONE’S got to get along together is the inspiring message in a music video featuring children from Southfield Primary School.

The video was part of the Community Albums initiative designed to bring together children from around the world.



Brackley children travelled to Cleves School in East Ham to record a verse written by the London school children, followed by a return trip to record the rap verse written by children in Brackley.

As the video explains children at the Spring Valley School, Kampala, Uganda recorded their verse alone as the 8,000 mile round trip was too far to go in a day.

Swapping emails ahead of recordings Southfield children learned heard how far Ugandan children have to walk to school and how they have much larger wildlife to worry about. They also learned about the diverse number of languages spoken by London school children

11-year-old Heidi Stopps added: “We learned to be friends with different people in Uganda and how they’re not as lucky as us.”

Watch a video report of the DVD at