Towcester band giving thanks with a concert

Towcester Studio Band
Towcester Studio Band

Musicians from several bands are coming together to celebrate the recovery of one of their colleagues who suffered life threatening injuries in a car accident.

Towcester Studio Band will join forces with members from Fairey, GUS and Desford bands to perform at a concert to raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance who played such a vital part in saving the life of musician Keith Muggeridge.

Baritone player Mr Muggeridge suffered life threatening injuries when his car skidded on ice and hit a tree in February last year. Swift action from a surgeon in a nearby car and the dedicated work of the air ambulance crew saved his life.

He was revived and taken to hospital where he was initially put into an induced coma and treated. His long term recovery included a transfer to Northampton General Hospital in May 2015 and then the Royal Leamington Rehabilitation Hospital, followed by a stay at the rehabilitation hospital in Weston Favell.

Mr Muggeridge found playing the baritone to be a vital part of his recovery and was welcomed back into the baritone section of Towcester Studio Band as soon as his health allowed. The concert at Christ the Cornerstone Church in Milton Keynes at 7.30pm on Saturday October 22 is to show thanks to the air ambulance and all who aided Mr Muggeridge along his long road to recovery.

Performances will be from Towcester Concert Band and a showcase of players from Fairey, GUS and Desford bands alongside guest soloist Thomas Fountain. The evening will include world premieres written for the occasion by Rodney Newton and Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Tickets £15 from or call 07733 258186 or email