Aladdin at Prince Edward Threatre, London: A seven-year-old's review of a family favourite

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Disney's take on the magical tale of Aladdin has been a family favourite since the film was released way back in 1992, and the live musical West End production brilliantly does it justice...and then some.

Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre in London is a sight to behold, captures the feel of the Disney classic perfectly and is the ideal feel-good, festive trip to a London theatre for families in the run-up to Christmas.

Like all great family shows, there's something for everyone - gags that only the adults will understand and laughs and silliness for all ages.

It is, of course, great for children. I took my seven-year-old daughter, Eva, to watch this show last week and here is her review, in her own say she enjoyed it would be an understatement!

My review of Aladdin, Prince Edward Theatre, London by Eva, aged seven

I thought Aladdin in London was awesome because it was romantic, funny, colourful and the songs were epic.

My favourite character was the genie. He had a really good sense of humour. It really made me laugh when he sang other songs from other Disney stories. I liked him, especially at the end when he said, “I love a happy ending!” I loved the song, Friend Like Me, because there was lots of different things going on and it was really cool when the different scenery popped out of nowhere. I loved how they made the genie appear on stage from out of the lamp.

I also really liked Aladdin. In the play, he sounded exactly like the character in the Disney movie. I thought his costumes were really good and I liked the scene when he was being chased after stealing the bread and he made me laugh when he said, “sometimes it’s just too easy and all I’ve got to do is jump!” He had a cheeky smile and was very handsome.

Iago, who was Jafar’s helper, was really funny and made me laugh lots. He was really silly especially when they were doing their evil laughs because Iago went a little over the top.

All the rest of cast and the dancers were brilliant – they must have been really busy changing costumes as they seemed to be wearing something different every time they were on stage.

The songs were all very good. My favourite was Friend Like Me. My other favourite was A Whole New World – the magic carpet was amazing. I had no idea how they got it to fly. It must have been magic! There were some songs that were not in the movie and I hadn’t heard them before, but they were all great too.

I really enjoyed watching all the dancers – their costumes were amazing and really colourful and they sparkled when the spotlights came on.

The scenery was brilliant. It was really clever how the scenery changed and took you from one place to another. There were lots of really good special effects that made it look like it was really happening.

I would definitely recommend that everyone goes and watches Aladdin – the show was really funny, the songs were brilliant, the costumes and scenery were amazing…and I came away really happy after watching it!

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