Have a laugh at the girls!

A History of Comedy
A History of Comedy

Men are funny creatures (It’s hardly a new revelation, eh girls?), but when it comes to comedic value the fairer sex can bring the smiles too - as Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy will prove with their new show, on stage from tonight.

The Complete History of Comedy: Funny Women is a chance to celebrate the ladies who bring larfs: From French and Saunders to Victoria Wood, Smack the Pony to Catherine Tate, and loads more besides.

“’Is it on the trolley? Does my face look bovvered?’ These questions and others like them will be answered - some in fairly naughty ways which necessitate the show having a fifteen rating!” explains MKToCs David Lovesy.

The show, following on from earlier ToC smashes including Fawlty Towers, Steptoe and Son and Blackadder the Third is being shown at the Chrysalis Theatre in Willen, nightly from 7.30pm through to Saturday.

Tickets are £12 (or £10 for concessions) and you get your paws on them by going online to www.mktoc.co.uk