Composers to star at church


An effervescent account of the lives and interactions of composers Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri will be performed in Northampton next week.

The play Amadeus is set in 1780s’ Austria, where there are rumours spreading among the citizens of Vienna that the eldely Salieri (played by John Myhill) has confessed to murdering Mozart (played by Gary Amos).

Salieri appears on the stage and takes the audience into his confidence telling his side of the story, or as he calls it ‘The Death of Mozart. Or did I do it?’. The audience will be taken back in time to 1780s Vienna when Salieri was Court Composer to Hapsburg Emperor Joseph II. When he hears Mozart is coming to Vienna he is excited at the thought of meeting such an esteemed composer who has been a musical prodigy since the age of four.

Amadeus is staged from Tuesday to Saturday, May 23 at 7.30pm at The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Sheep Street. Tickets are £8 (£7 cons/students).To book tickets, visit or call 07586 288793. Tickets are also available from St Giles Music.