Katie keeps on Sugar’s sweet side

MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright
MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright

With the latest series of The Apprentice starring former Brackley resident Katie Wright, Advertiser and Review advertising manager Vicky Key is keeping a watching brief while Alan Sugar puts Katie through her paces.

Episode four of the latest series concentrated firmly on the strategies in place in each team, focussing on management styles, market research, planning and controlling budgets.

Our Brackley girl Katie gave a sterling performance on the winning team.

Katie kept her head down, made some good purchases and did some excellent selling.

Both teams had varied strategies – or lack of them!

Team Phoenix spent less on products and materials, with a minimal look shop and made less on the day.

Team Sterling lost the task due to a high amount spent on materials. Huge error.

Laura seemed to have a lack of control on budgets and her team’s sales technique.

However they were a harmonious team, excellent work ethic all round, but turning on each other in the boardroom at the final hurdle.

Eventually, Jane made a shock exit. We look forward to episode 5 and all it brings...

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