Narrow escape for Katie

Jim Marks Photography
Jim Marks Photography

With the latest series of The Apprentice starring former Brackley resident Katie Wright, Advertiser and Review advertising manager Vicky Key will be keeping a watching brief while Alan Sugar puts Katie through her paces. This week, guest columnist Gavin Moore wades in.

The Brackley ‘Blonde Assassin’ had another tough week, narrowly avoiding a second invitation into the boardroom.

This week’s challenge seemed simple enough, create a innovative gadget. But after the women’s team leader Jane McAvoy delegated finances to Jenna Whittingham and Gabrielle Omar things started to go awry with their pitch in front of buyers from Amazon.

Our Katie seemed to be, unfairly, on the cusp of being invited back into the boardroom. Her fellow apprentices rounded on her again, seemingly upset that she correctly pointed out that her team leader had ignored valuable market research with a lot of mums saying they would buy their bath pillow idea.

But McAvoy said it wasn’t technically possible and went with Laura Hoggs bath screen idea for children. McAvoy was on the verge of calling Katie back into the boardroom with Maria O’Connor, when Lord Sugar said her decision should be based on cold hard facts, without emotion. Seems a little unfair to us, but do the women see potential in Katie which threatens them? Only time will tell.