Speaker keeps his silence over Sally

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BUCKINGHAM MP John Bercow declined to comment on his wife Sally’s controversial choice to take part in Celebrity Big Brother, on Channel 5 TV.

As she entered the show last Thursday, the wife of the House of Commons Speaker told the assembled crowds that her husband “is not exactly chuffed about it”, and joked: “I hope he doesn’t divorce me over this.”

In a pre-recorded video, Mrs Bercow’s message to those who thought it was inappropriate to take part in the show was: “I kind of want to stick two fingers up to the establishment.”

And during last Monday night’s show Mrs Bercow said: “I’m a really confident person, I’m just aware that I disappoint people all the time by doing things that I am not meant to do, things like this. You just get worn down by the criticism.

“When I Tweeted about Big Brother, you should have seen some of the comments I got back, like it is going to demean Parliament and it will lead to the toppling of the Speaker.”

Big Brother house members were set a task of designing a costume out of a bed sheet – referring to an incident in February when Mrs Bercow posed for a newspaper article about Valentine’s Day wearing just a sheet.

Mrs Bercow’s time in the Big Brother house could be short lived anyway, as she is favourite to get the boot in the eviction that takes place tomorrow, Friday.

Her appearance on the show will earn a £100,000 donation to the charity Ambitious about Autism, of which she is a patron.