Brackley robber who cut woman’s hand with knife sentenced to four years in jail

A Brackley man who threatened a 67-year-old woman with a knife during a robbery has been sentenced to four years and eight months in prison.

Millions of Brits risking home security

Millions of Brits risking home security

Millions of Brits are leaving their windows and doors unlocked, leaving keys in the garden and relying on their dog to keep their home safe, a study has found.

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11 ‘micro-crimes’ you’ve probably committed

11 ‘micro-crimes’ you’ve probably committed

Three-quarters of Brits are what is described as ‘micro-criminals’ - committing tiny crimes in shops and online to get a better deal.

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Jewellery stolen from village home in burglary

Jewellery stolen from village home in burglary

Jewellery was stolen after thieves smashed the window of a village house.

The fake 85 voucher offer for Aldi has been described as a 'hoax' by the store.

Aldi issues warning about ‘hoax’ voucher being shared online

Aldi is warning its customers about a ‘fraudulent’ voucher that is being circulated online.

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Aylesbury police officer sacked for shouting and swearing at elderly motorist

A police officer based at Aylesbury police station has been sacked for misconduct.

Dozens of incidents involving "killer clowns" have been reported across Britain, with police warning that people caught clowning around will face arrest. (Photo credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty)

Who are the killer clowns and why is it happening here?

It’s a craze that has left billions of sane people baffled and has resulted in scores of victims being scared out of their wits.

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Police warning as �killer clown� craze hits UK. Photo: Shutterstock.

Vigilante groups recruiting on Facebook to hunt down ‘killer clowns’

Groups of vigilantes dubbed ‘clown hunters’ are recruiting volunteers across Britain to carry out night patrols and hunt down so-called ‘killer clowns’.

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Incidents of people dressing up as 'killer clowns' - popularised by the likes of Stephen King's IT - have been on the rise

Police called to 14 ‘killer clown’ incidents in 24 hours across Thames Valley

Thames Valley Police has fired a warning to people dressing up as part of the ‘killer clown’ craze sweeping the UK after 14 incidents in the space of 24 hours.

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Police warning as killer clown craze hits UK. Photo: Shutterstock.

Police warning as ‘killer clown’ craze hits UK

Police have warned pranksters who are posing as “killer clowns” to terrify children that they could face arrest.

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Scammers use Facebook and WhatsApp for PayPal con

Scammers use Facebook and WhatsApp for PayPal con

Internet fraudsters are using hacked Facebook accounts to help them defraud people via their PayPal accounts.

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Warning after series of car break-ins and criminal damage

Eight separate incidents of cars being damaged or having items stolen have been reported in less than a week.

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Businesses warned over cyber crime

Businesses warned to expect cyber attacks as risk increases

Businesses need to do more to protect themselves from cyber attacks with many firms unaware of the illegal access that hackers are obtaining to their servers, it has been claimed.

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Thames Valley Police officers are investigating an arson attack on a house in Aylesbury

‘Very serious’ arson attack carried out at Aylesbury house

Police are hunting an arsonist who set fire to the front of a house in Aylesbury containing nine people, including two children, in the middle of the night.

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Phone use behind the wheel at epidemic levels

Phone use behind the wheel at ‘epidemic’ levels

The illegal use of mobile phones by drivers has reached “epidemic” proportions, according to a leading motoring group.

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TV licence fraud is on the rise

Rise in TV Licensing fraud emails

Fraudsters are using emails offering fake refunds on the TV Licence to steal bank account details.

Police are at the scene and the situation is ongoing

Teenager threatened with knife during robbery in Bicester

A mountain bike was stolen from a teenager after he was threatened with a knife in playing fields near to Bicester Leisure Centre.

Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen.

Chat online with police as part of campaign to combat cyber crime

Thames Valley Police is inviting young people and their parents or carers to take part in a live web chat with police and staff about the online risks affecting young people.

The Force has been taking part in a multi-agency exercise to test major incident contingency plans and the response of the emergency services in the event of a major incident within the region.

PICTURES: Why have these Thames Valley Police officers been spotted with big guns?

Thames Valley Police officers have been pictured armed with large guns, but why?

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